Today’s Bank provides the following instructions to help you receive wires into your bank account.
You will need to provide Today’s Bank the following information in order to send a wire from your bank account:
  • How much are you sending?
  • Who are you sending money to? Beneficiary Name, Address, and Account #
  • Copy of the Receiving Bank’s Wire Instructions that include Bank Name and ABA Routing Number
  • Any additional information for Beneficiary
If you need to send an international wire, we will also need the following information:
  • Currency Type (i.e. dollar, peso, euro, etc.)
  • IBAN Number (can be found in the Receiving Bank’s Wire Instructions)
  • Swift Code (can be found in the Receiving Bank’s Wire Instructions)
  • Bank Code (can be found in the Receiving Bank’s Wire Instructions)
Fees will apply for all incoming and outgoing wires. To give us time to process your request for a wire transfer, we must receive your request prior to 3:30 PM Central Time for Domestic U.S. wires or 1:30 PM Central Time for International (Foreign) Wires. Requests received after deadlines will be processed the next business day.
All wires are subject to a secondary verification process and we may need to confirm your instructions prior to processing your request. If we contact you for confirmation and there are differences between the instructions you give us by telephone and the information included in this form, we may either act on your telephone instructions or require that you submit a new wire transfer request with the correct information.