You can't afford a late payment. With business online bill pay, you can save time and reduce errors
from the convenience of your own computer.
Set up e-alerts or automatic payments so you don't have to track what's due when. Another perk is
saving money on postage or courier fees - every little bit can boost your bottom line.
  • Unique credentials and account access levels for each employee authorized to use the bill pay
  • Schedule payments in advance, including recurring payments.
  • Pay multiple invoices at once.
  • Customize transaction history reports.
  • Customize home screen views.
 A "best practice" for Online Bill Pay includes making sure you set the payment date for at least five days before the due date. This will help with any unexpected mail delays. 
Click on Business BIll Pay in your online banking menu option to enroll today! Call (479) 582-0700 if you have questions about how to enroll.