The advantages of having a debit card linked to your checking account are numerous. From making shopping in-store and online convenient to protecting against the risk of carrying (and losing) cash, it just makes good “financial sense” to have a debit card. Whether you are getting started in banking or just looking to learn a few new things, here are some tips that can help every debit card user.

1. Be Security Minded
Debit cards are a wonderful convenience; however, convenience comes with risks.  Be sure to keep your card in a safe place at all times, be aware of debit card scams, and use your card with vendors (online or in person) that you trust.  Even the most diligent person can still have an instance of debit card fraud.  Catching it early is important.  Monitor your accounts regularly and report any suspicious activity. 

2. Be prepared.
It is inevitable. It can happen to even the most careful and organized person. Misplacing or having your debit card stolen is inconvenient; however rest assured that you can quickly cancel your card to protect against any unauthorized access to your checking account funds.

But wait a minute…. how are you supposed to do that if you don’t have the card?!
That is why we recommend storing these important phone numbers so that you can quickly access them should you ever need to.
Lost or Stolen Debit Card: 
  • Contact Today’s Bank at (479) 582-0700 during business hours to cancel your card and to have a new card issued.
  • Verify your transactions with a Today’s Bank Representative. 
  • A bank representative will process any disputes, give provisional credit back for fraudulent transactions, and order your new card. 
  • After business hours, call Shazam at (800) 383-8000 to report the card lost or stolen. 
SHAZAM Privileged Status® Bank
Today’s Bank is a SHAZAM Privileged Status® Bank. Privileged Status® cardholders should look for ATMs that display the Privileged Status® logo to avoid ATM surcharges when using any ATM in the Shazam Privileged Status® Network. Visit our location page for ATM Privileged Status locations near you.

Remember you can always get “cashback” as you’re making a purchase with your debit card. Most retail, grocery and convenience stores provide this option at no charge. Simply ask the cashier before you complete your transaction. As an example, if you were buying a pack of gum and bottle of water totaling $1.75 and you requested $20 cashback, the total transaction amount debited to your checking account would be $21.75.

Keep in mind, stores may have different limits to how much “cashback” you can get through this method.

Debit Card Features
Mastercard Identity Check

Today’s Bank & SHAZAM are implementing Mastercard Identity Check for online debit card purchases to protect you from Identity Theft. Cardholders may be asked to authenticate an online purchase by receiving a One-Time Passcode (OTP) by text message. A valid OTP entry will be required at checkout. Three consecutive invalid OTP entries will cause card blocks at all Identity Check Merchants. Please contact us at (800) 945-0073 to unblock your card. Standard text messaging fees may apply.

SHAZAM Falcon Fraud Manager
Protecting you from unauthorized use of your debit card is one of our top priorities at Today’s Bank. Today’s Bank has a monitoring system to mitigate fraud called SHAZAM Falcon Fraud Manager to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is detected on your card, you will be contacted by a bank employee or a Falcon fraud specialist calling on the bank’s behalf to verify the transactions in question. If you get a call or a text message from a fraud specialist or your card is being denied after normal business hours, please contact Falcon Fraud 24/7 support at (866) 508-2693.

How Does Falcon Work?
  • Monitors all card transactions for unusual or suspicious activity
  • Takes into account your normal activities
  • Each transaction is scored based on the likelihood of fraud
  • Depending on the score, once an unusual or suspicious transaction takes place, you will be receiving a call or text message and/or the account will have a temporary block put on it until you can be contacted.

How Am I Notified?
During the notification process, the fraud specialist from Falcon will note that he or she is calling on behalf of Today’s Bank. The fraud specialist will ask you to validate your identity via a series of qualifying questions that must exactly match the information in our records to successfully authenticate your identity. 

Please remember that no one will ask for your personal identification number (PIN) or 3 digit security code located on the back of your card to verify your identity. Always use caution when providing your card information, and contact us if you suspect your card has been stolen or compromised. If you cannot be reached, Falcon may put a temporary block on your account to prevent further fraudulent activity.

What Do I Need to Do?
To ensure that we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, we need to have current contact information on file to include:
  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number (mobile phone or work number)
  • Current address
  • City, State and ZIP code
It is very important to keep this information current. If your information changes, please contact us at (800) 945-0073. Remember Today's Bank will never ask you for your debit card or cash card number, or the PIN or CVV.


Brella is a service provided to Today’s Bank customers to protect against debit card identity theft. By downloading the Brella Mobile App, you can:
  • View a primary debit card account’s balance information
  • Acquire various transaction alerts
  • Fraud Alerts 24/7
  • Find an ATM near you with ATM Locator
  • Login with Touch ID for faster, easier access to your account.