A. No, the website remains the same at www.todaysbank.com. You will log on with your same Login ID and password. If you use our Mobile App, you will need to update the App to the latest version by following the prompts or visiting the App Store
A. No, all of your biller information will be there. If you have a regularly scheduled bill payment, it will continue to be paid on schedule.
A. Yes, all your account numbers are the same and we do not anticipate there being any time you will be unable to access funds by debit card or check. 
A. All current direct deposits and automatic transfers will continue to proceed normally. 
A. Visit us in person at one of our branches, online at www.todaysbank.com, or on the phone at (800) 945-0073. We are happy to help! 
Follow the instructions in our online help guide that talks more about the passcode.
A. You will need to delete your Today's Bank App and reinstall the Today's Bank App at the appropriate App Store