A. Today’s Bank lets you bank anytime, anywhere you have a personal computer or mobile device and access to the Internet. You can check your deposits and loan balances, view transactions that have posted to your accounts, and even transfer between accounts.
A. Online and mobile banking is safe and secure using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for increased security against fraud. Having a current browser installed is a key and necessary component to keeping your online banking experience and financial information safe and secure. As online fraud continues to evolve, browsers have to become more secure with each release to help ensure your safety. No matter what browser you use, make sure you have the latest version installed.
A. Complete the following steps for your First Time Login:
1. On the Login page, click or tap I am a new user.
2.  On the Login page, enter your Login ID and click or tap Submit.
3. The "Enter Secure Access Code" page appears. Do the following:
   a. Click or tap one of the contact methods to send a Secure Access Code.
   b. When the code arrives, enter the code and click or tap Submit.
   c. If prompted to register the device, you can click or tap Register Device.
4. In the Password field, enter the password that you want to use, re-enter it in the Confirm Password field, and click or tap Submit.
5. Update your online profile and click or tap Submit Profile.
6. Read the agreement on the Disclaimers screen and click or tap I Accept. When you accept the agreement, the Home page appears.
A. In the online banking and the Today’s Bank Mobile App, a secure access code (SAC) will be sent to a contact address that you configure. The code is only valid for a single use and it expires after a short time. You choose one of the following ways to deliver the code: Phone, Text (SMS), or Email. If the browser or device is one that you control and trust, you can register the device. By registering a browser or a device <link below to the Q>, this may prevent you from having to enter a secure access code each online banking session.
A. If you have never used a particular browser or device to login, you may need to request a secure access code (SAC) to use it. If the Internet browser or device is one that you plan to use again, you can register it. By registering a browser or a device, you confirm that it is under your control and that you intend to use it to access online banking or the mobile app. If you register your browser or device, a secure access code may not be necessary for future logins. Refer to the question below for guidance on registering your browser or device. 
A. There are several possible reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including:
  • Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies.
  • Your browser cookies for online banking were removed.
  • You use a browser plugin that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser.
  • Your account requires a secure access code each time you log in.
  • You use a Symantec VIP Token for a secure access code when you log in.
  • You log in with a different browser on the same registered computer.
  • You deleted and reinstalled the mobile app.
  • For security reasons, we may reset all active registrations for all users.
A. Yes, on devices that are compatible, this feature lets you validate your Mobile Banking session using your fingerprint or by facial recognition instead of a Login ID and password. With this feature enabled, you can easily access our app. Touch ID can be used on supported Android or IOS devices. Face ID can be used on supported IOS devices.
A. You can view your checking, savings, loan accounts, club accounts, CDs, and IRA accounts through Online Banking.
A. Yes, you can transfer funds between accounts or make a payment on your loan.
A. Once enrolled in online banking, you can enroll an external account to transfer funds  at another bank. There will be two deposits made to the external account that you will need to verify before the account will appear in the list of accounts that you can use in the Funds Transfer option.