A. Today’s Bank lets you bank anytime, anywhere you have a personal computer or mobile device and access to the Internet. You can check your deposits and loan balances, view transactions that have posted to your accounts, and even transfer between accounts.
A. Online and mobile banking is safe and secure using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for increased security against fraud. Having a current browser installed is a key and necessary component to keeping your online banking experience and financial information safe and secure. As online fraud continues to evolve, browsers have to become more secure with each release to help ensure your safety. No matter what browser you use, make sure you have the latest version installed.
1. Go to my.todaysbank.com or Download the Today's Bank Go app for Apple or Android.
2. Click "First time user? Enroll now" on the login screen.
3. Enter the information requested on the Enroll screen, and then select Next. 
4. You will be required to set up 2-step verification. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature that helps safeguard your account information when users provide two distinct form of identification.
─ Voice or Text Message: Verification codes are sent to your phone.
─ Authy: Use the Authy app to generate a unique code to authenticate your account. Available for iOS®, Android™, and desktop.
─ Authenticator app: Banno can support any authenticator app using either a QR code scan or manual code entry. 
5. Read the user agreement, and then Click Agree.
6. Create a username and password by entering information in the Username and Password fields, and then
click Next.
7. On your first log in, you will be prompted with your 2FA method. You may create a passcode, and use
biometrics (Fingerprint/Face ID) to access Today's Bank Go for future log ins.
A. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature that helps safeguard your
account information when users provide two distinct form of identification. It is an
important security tool to help ensure you are the only one accessing your account
information. By entering the code received at your number, the system knows it's you.
When initially setting up 2FA, you will need to enroll a phone number (mobile or landline). Once
this information is entered, you’ll choose one of three options to receive a one-time verification
1. Text message to the mobile phone entered,
2. Automated phone call to phone number entered, or
3. Authy Authenticator App
This is a one-time set up, so ensure that you have access to this phone while completing these steps.
Each time you log in, you will receive a code at the phone number or via Authenticator App, originally
A. After entering the verification code, if you are logging in from a secure computer or
device, you have the option to select “Don’t ask for code again on this computer.” This
allows you to avoid having to enter a verification code during each login. This option
should never be selected on a shared or public computer.
A. This is a result of one of two things:
1. You may be using an aggregation service (a site or 3rd party that logs in to online
banking to retrieve your account data) that's prompting the code to be sent behind the
2. You may have potential fraud. Thankfully, this is exactly why 2FA is in place. If this
happens (and you are not using any aggregation service), please change your password
A. Yes, on devices that are compatible, this feature lets you validate your Mobile Banking session using your fingerprint or by facial recognition instead of a Login ID and password. With this feature enabled, you can easily access our app. Touch ID can be used on supported Android or IOS devices. Face ID can be used on supported IOS devices.
A. You can view your checking, savings, loan accounts, club accounts, CDs, and IRA accounts through Online Banking.
A. Yes, you can transfer funds between accounts or make a payment on your loan.
A. Once enrolled in online banking, you can enroll an external account to transfer funds  at another bank. There will be two deposits made to the external account that you will need to verify before the account will appear in the list of accounts that you can use in the Funds Transfer option.