Automated Credit Line Sweep Account

Don’t let funds sit idle.  Maximize earnings and minimize interest expense with an automated credit line sweep.
  • Automatically move excess or idle cash to pay down a line of credit or to fund an interest-bearing account based on a target balance within the operating account
  • Receive immediate response to day-to-day changes in your checking account
  • Eliminate the managing and time of transfers between multiple accounts
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Increase returns on idle cash balances
  • View account information online anytime  
The minimum sweep transfer amount is determined by the customer, but cannot be greater than the target balance. Fees may apply.

Business Sweep Account

A Business Sweep Account can help manage business cash flow by sweeping funds from a number of operating accounts to a designated master account at the close of business every day.  You will establish a maximum and minimum target balance; then, on a daily basis balances will move according to pre-set targets.  A Business Sweep Account can help maximize your earning power on idle cash balances while ensuring instant liquidity.
Fees may apply.

Overdraft Protection Sweep

We offer a plan that allows you to sweep funds from one Today’s Bank deposit account to another Today’s Bank deposit account to prevent an overdraft. Contact us today to set up your Overdraft Protection Sweep. Generally, this is less expensive than our standard overdraft fee. Overdraft Protection Sweep is subject to a $6.00 transaction fee.