Today’s Bank Person 2 Person payments (P2P) allows you to quickly and safely send money electronically to another person, by using the recipients’ email address or mobile phone number.  You can pay almost anyone, even if they are not a Today’s Bank account holder.
P2P is ideal when you want to:
  • Pay a sitter
  • Split the check at lunch or dinner
  • Contribute cash for a group gift
  • Send money to family or friends
There is a limit of $500 per transaction for P2P. In addition, your daily Today's Bank Debit Mastercard Point of Sale limits apply to P2P payments. There is no fee for the transfer service. but additional fees may apply if your transfer causes you to overdraw your account. exceed withdrawal limits, or if your account balance falls below minimum daily balance requirements. If the amount of the transfer exceeds the account balance, the remainder of the transfer will cause your account to overdraw, and you will be charged an overdraft fee. Daily and multi-day dollar and count limits may vary and are subject to change at the discretion of Today's Bank.
A. Anyone who has a Today’s Bank debit card and utilizes online banking will be able to send funds using P2P.
A. Currently, there are no fees associated with P2P transactions.
A. Yes! P2P users must first log in to online banking with their username and password, using a registered browser, which may require a secure access code before P2P can be accessed. Once a payment is created, the sender enters their debit card PIN number to send the funds. The pin number is automatically encrypted for your security.
A. You need your Today's Bank debit card information and recipient's email address or mobile phone number to send money. After your Today’s Bank debit card information has been added, you can send funds using anyone’s email address or their mobile phone number. They will receive a message with instructions via email or text message.
A. The receiver will need to enter their debit card number with expiration date or their bank routing and account number to collect the funds.
A. Payments are sent in real time. The receiver may collect with a debit card, and have access to funds in real time. If the receiver chooses to use their bank account (by entering their routing number and account number), the transfer will be sent via ACH, and will post to the account based on the guidelines of the receiving institution.
A. The payment will expire after 10 days. After the 10th day, the funds will be returned to your account.
A. Call Online Banking support at (800) 945-0073 during business hours for assistance with canceling a payment.
A. The following networks accept payments:
  • Star
  • Pulse
  • NYCE
  • Shazam
  • CU24
  • Accel/Exchange
A. The receiver can collect funds with their bank routing and account number.
A. There is a limit of $500 per transaction for P2P. In addition, your daily Today's Bank Debit Mastercard Point of Sale limits apply to P2P payments. .